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Intellectual Property Rights and the Trademark



E-Boutique retains the intellectual property rights, the intellectual property, the trademark and all that is attributed to it in any manner, and if it is observed by any person, it will present itself to legal accountability.


The E-Boutique trademark or product may not be used without reference to the management of the site, which may cause confusion and misrepresentation of the trademark.


All graphics, images and content on the E-Boutique website or social media apps belong exclusively to the site.


No one may use the name of the site and its trademark by the management of meta tags or creative works which refer to itself or to agreements of this kind (self-reference).


The may use the name or trademark without reference to its owner and without written consent.


The display of any product and/or product or use of unlicensed or counterfeit trademarked material and products is prohibited by E-Boutique's management and is therefore in violation of the terms and conditions of the presentation of the goods and operating procedures.


These matters are taken seriously, and legal action will be taken for any E-Boutique litigation related to these matters in accordance with the property millennium laws and other applicable local laws.



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