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Designer Terms & Conditions



By creating a properly designer account for each of the selected countries, at the time of creation of the account or registration you agree to be bound by and comply with the terms of the Eboutique, as well as all policies, protocols, guidelines and other terms contained on the site.

Create a Designer account for a selected country:

As instructed in the Eboutique, you must create a Designer account from each of the selected countries that need to benefit from our services. If you are an individual, you must be a resident of that selected country. In the case of companies, the company must have the ability to do business in the chosen country according to the laws in force in that chosen country. You must familiarize yourself with the process contained in the site and know all the conditions of the site.


Do not register with a pseudonym and/or impersonate any other vendor's login credentials or passwords. This fraudulent behavior results in violation of applicable federal, national, regional or international laws and regulations (applicable laws). The selected country selected.


Commitment to provide all relevant information to us if your account is effective.


Confidentiality of the use of the merchant's passwords:

When providing you with a user name, password or any other information whether you choose or request from the Eboutique website as part of the security site procedures, you must deal with this information in strict confidence, where you are obliged to keep your password safe. You may not disclose the password to others.


Any use or action taken under your password is your sole responsibility. If your password is compromised, you must change it immediately. We may terminate any defined name or password, whether selected by you or assigned by us, at any time if you do not comply with any of the terms of the site.


The terms of contract between the designer and Eboutique site:

Eboutique reserves the right to change the site's terms at any time at its discretion and need for such changes and shall become effective immediately upon adoption.


The Seller shall have the right to benefit from the Site for lawful and lawful purposes. And abide by all applicable laws.


The customer trusts that he can always buy from the Eboutique website with confidence and full credibility. Products for sale on the Site must be original and do not contain any copyright or trademark without the consent of the original rights owner.


The sale of counterfeit products, including illegally copied or reprocessed products, is strictly prohibited. The designer who sells the counterfeit products will be subject to immediate suspension, payment and fines, as well as any legal proceedings available to Eboutique, which can Use against the designer.


If the infringing product is found or listed on the Eboutique site, the product will be removed, and the designer will temporarily be banned from selling on the site. Money may be booked and may be subject to a penalty to be followed by Eboutique and the legal owner of the product.

Ensure that your products do not cause personal injury or damage to property.

Provide required warranties and maintenance of products purchased in accordance with market practices and Eboutique website guidelines.


Recording and placing "goods" for sale on the Eboutique website or by assisting a staff member with the utmost accuracy and completeness.


The designer shall, upon receipt of the customer's request, confirm that the product is in his possession and that the seller is ready to ship the order within the period of processing the promised item which depends on the policy of the designer.

Provide the site to which the "goods" will be shipped from.


Packaging goods sold in an appropriate manner to avoid being damaged.


The designer's product will be shipped to the merchant using a courier company, which will be notified to the merchant when the dealer's data is completed on the site. Each product shall be filled in a reasonable commercial manner to comply with all packing and labeling requirements provided at merchant's expense or expense Customer agreement.


The designer assumes responsibility for the after sales services, warranties, guarantees, maintenance and any defects that may appear in the sold products and the full cost thereof.


All "goods" sold on Eboutique shall be subject to a return policy within three (3) days from the date of delivery if they are not affected by the Buyer whether opened or used.


When a product order is canceled by the merchant or buyer, it must be done through the site only according to the policies and conditions allowed by the site management.


The Eboutique Website and its Administrators shall have the right to keep track of and track the order status information in each case and make any such information public.


Define yourself as the designer of a dealer for each of your products in all packaging cards or other information received or provided with respect to your products and as the person to whom the customer may return the applicable product.


Commitment not to contact customers (either by phone, email or any means of communication) to confirm orders or to implement your products.


The merchant must ensure that its products comply with the images posted on the site and with the information provided to us, and refrain from placing any misleading advertisement or information about its products or any trademark on the site. If it is found that it violates the site's terms and conditions, it will have to take all responsibility for this.


The designer assumes responsibility for all matters relating to the products he sells on the site and the site of Eboutique and its employees shall be exempted from all claims submitted by any party because of the transactions of the merchant designer.


Fees and payments: After the sale of any product of the designer's products and the collection of the amount due will be paid Payment of the site fees for each product is equivalent to 12% of the value of the sold product. The merchant shall bear all taxes and drawings (including shipping charges, return and replacement of the product or any customs taxes which the producer may require). Notwithstanding any other provision of the Terms of Service and without prejudice to its rights, the Designer shall secure the Eboutique Website against all losses (including to the extent that any loss is considered direct or indirect and/or relates to or includes any costs of investigation, fees or Professional expenses) incurred or incurred if the designer's product appears to be not original or imitation; or any other type of fraudulent behavior to be compensated by the designer.


The advertisement and sale of any Designer product at a lower price than that stated in the Eboutique Account is in violation of the laws of the Site and shall be borne by the Trader and the Site shall be compensated for all losses.


The designer acknowledges the merchant and ensures that his products comply with the applicable quality and safety standards; he is solely responsible for any products ordered or distributed through the site and is also responsible for any breach of any contracts with third parties.


The designer acknowledges that the merchant does not infringe upon the execution of the order and the sale of its products through the website, any laws that are in force in the chosen country or the rights of others.


All products including materials supplied to the site are original and free from defects.

The seller's designer does not engage in unfair business practices and/or publishes any inaccurate or misleading advertising or information about products through the site.

The merchant's designer assumes full responsibility when there is an error in the execution, non-delivery or non-conformance of the product or the existence of deficiencies or damage to the item or any other error.


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